Drug addiction is a vicious disease that destroys hopes and dreams. There are several suffering individuals who are in denial about their disease. Here, at Alcohol and Drug Rehab St. Petersburg, we understand the fight and how hard it is to give up the high. Our rehabilitation center offers an all-encompassing quantity of tools and resources required to overcome the fight. Alcohol and Drug Rehab St. Petersburg believes the disease of addiction can be arrested and recovery is possible.

What is Drug Addiction?

Addiction is a chronic illness categorized by obsessive, or overpowering, drug quests. Individuals abusing illegal drugs or even prescribed medication, are at equal risk in developing an addiction. Perpetual abuse of any substance, may cause the abuser to build a tolerance. When a drug abuser builds a tolerance they must increase the amount abused to accomplish the same high. Building a tolerance is dangerous, increasing the use of any drug puts abusers at greater risk of overdose and mortality. Addiction progresses overtime and has no known cure; at Alcohol and Drug Rehab St. Petersburg, utilizing the tools given, recovery is possible.
Drug rehabilitation is destined to support suffering individuals in identify their addiction. Once on treatment, the recovering individual will label their temptations that may have triggered their abuse. Alcohol and Drug rehab St. Petersburg is an understanding and sympathetic environment where all mental, physical, and spiritual needs will be met for the addict to grow in their recovery.

Ready for Change

Finally arriving to Alcohol and Drug Rehab St. Petersburg, a medically assisted withdrawal period known as, detoxification is needed to stabilize the recovering individual. Withdrawing is different for everyone, and solely depends upon the individual and how their body takes it. There are some who entail certain medications or an IV for nutrition and hydration. A medically assisted withdrawal period is not treatment; it will not end mental dependency. Detoxification is used to benefit recovering addicts in correctly withdrawing from drugs.
There are people around the world who struggle with addiction and levels of dependency differ. The recovering addict could have just started abusing drugs or have abused habitually, Alcohol and Drug Rehab St. Petersburg offers a safe, understanding, comfortable treatment. Obtaining effective treatment will start with recovering individuals going through evaluation. An evaluation is where a licensed therapist will evaluate the physical and mental components of an individual like, abuse and neglect to create the most effectual treatment plan for each client.

Rebuild your Life Today!!

Drug addiction is serious, not only does it affect the individual suffering but, all who is around him or her, the people they love most. Scientist have not found a cure to the disease of addiction but an addict who accepts treatment from Alcohol and Drug Rehab St. Petersburg have another chance at life. There is no such thing as “it is too late” to make the choice to renovate your life, it might seem scary, but it is worth it. If you or a loved one is suffering from the disease addiction, Alcohol and Drug Rehab St. Petersburg can help, all you have to do is take the first step–pick up the phone and call us today: (727) 202-2488