An Overview of Detox

The stage of detoxification from alcohol and drugs serves as the first step in beginning a life in recovery. During detox, the body cleanses itself of any harmful chemicals. Accordingly, the body will go through withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the length and amount abused as well as the substance abused. Regardless of the withdrawal symptoms severity medical observation is crucial. Noted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information unsupervised detox has the potential to cause life-threatening complications, however if supervised and treated such complications may be preventable.

Detoxing gives the body time to recuperate, and allows physical factors affected by substance to regain health. Regardless of the substance and amount abused, detoxing these chemicals will force the body into withdrawal. However, medications are available to manage the symptoms of withdrawal and potentially prevent relapse, when observed and dispensed by medical professionals. Although medication helps subside the uncomfortable physical, psychological and emotional symptoms, detox alone is not considered treatment.

Experiencing Withdrawal Symptoms

Receiving medical supervision while experiencing withdrawal symptoms provides safety for physical, psychological and emotional health. Withdrawal symptoms are known to cause discomfort, varying in severity. Some physical symptoms include, excessive sweating, headaches, muscle pain, headaches, tension, shaking, loss of appetite and fatigue. Psychological health symptoms often include, anxiety, irritability, hallucinations, panic attacks, depression and sleep disturbances. However, withdrawal symptoms vary depending on the individuals’ condition. Detox is urgent to individuals addicted to alcohol, benzodiazepines and opiates, as the symptoms of withdrawal can prove dangerous, even fatal without medical supervision. Having medical professionals who are able to assist you in coping with the symptoms, will give you a sense of confidence, comfort and safety that you will need to complete your detoxification.

What to Expect

Individuals going through the detox process will have a personalized detoxification plan designed to meet their specific needs. First the evaluation procedure must take place. This procedure helps to design a plan by identifying what substance or substances are in the system, in addition to the amount abused. It is not uncommon in the detox and rehab community for an individual to have abused multiple substances. Likewise, a combination of substance(s) with alcohol is also common. Evaluation the specifics of someone’s use is able to service in medical professionals in developing detoxification strategies an individual will require.

Begin Your Recovery Today

The detoxification stage is designed to equip and prepare individuals with adequate health needed to begin their rehabilitation and therapy. Detox alone should not be confused with rehab or therapy. Detoxing the body of toxic chemicals is only the first stage, in beginning to regain your life and overall health. Individuals that do not get further treatment after detox, often times involuntarily relapse and begin to abuse substances again. Begin your physical recovery today, (727)-202-2488 . We are eager to hear from you and are waiting to guide you in your physical recovery, in addition to transitioning you into rehabilitation immediately following detox to receive psychological and therapeutic treatment